Our gear includes the most revered brand names in audio production. With analog pieces by Neve, API, Chandler, U/A, GML and many more, we can give your tracks the color, clarity and warmth that define the best recordings. We also have the latest and greatest in digital technology available. Our “A-room” includes our fully-loaded Avid System 5 console, Apogee converters feeding a Pro Tools HDX2 system, and all of it clocked using an Antelope Isochrome atomic word clock.
Downloadable Gear List

Avid System-5 Console loaded with SuperCore 6-DSP cards.  Features 300+ channels
48 group/32 aux/48 mix busses and full Pro-Tools integration with Eucon


Antelope Isochrome 10m atomic word clock with OCX-V Master Clock


•Apple Mac Pro 10 Core – 32gb ram, 12tb storage
•Pro-Tools 12 HDX-2 with 128 i/o to console
•Avid HD-Madi I/O x 2
•32 Channels of Apogee Conversion
•72 Channels of AD/DA conversion with SSL Alpha-Links
•Full Recall of all routing via System-5 Patchnet


•ATC SCM45A with sub
•ProAc S100
•Focal Twin-6 With Sub
•Yamaha NS10
•Dynaudio Air-5 with Sub


Neve 1073DPA (2 channels) Grace 801 (8 channels)
Neve 1073 w/ EQ (x4) Chandler EMI TG2 (2 channels)
Neve 1084 w/ EQ (x2) Vintech 473 (4 channels)
BAE 1023 w/EQ (x2) Avalon AD2022 (2 channels)
API 512c (x2) Avalon VT 737 (x2)
Manley Slam! (2 channel) UA 2-610 (2 channels)
API 550A x2 TC Electronics System 6 Mastering
API 550B x 2 Dramastic Obsidian Stereo Comp
API 560  x2 API 527 Comp x2
Neve 1073 x4 Vintech 609CA Stereo Comp
BAE 1023 (x2) API 2500 Stereo Comp
GML 8200 Stereo EQ The Phoenix Stereo Comp
Little Labs VOG x2 Pendulum OCL500 x2
Great River EQ x2 Vintage Universal Audio 1176 x2
Chandler Little-Devil x2 Vintage Teletronix LA-2A
Vintage Pultec EQH x2 Modern Teletronix LA-2A
Vintage Pultec EQP x2 DBX 160
300+ Channels on Avid System-5 Summit Audio DCL-200


Plug-ins Include
TC Electronics System 6000 Sound Toys Full Suite
Lexicon PCM42 x2 Waves Platinum
AMS DMX 15-80 Delay Waves Vintage Pack
AMS RMX 16 Reverb McDSP Compressors
TC Electronics 2290 x2 Oxford Dynamics/EQ/Reverb
TC Electronics M3000 Massey
TC Electronics Fireworx Bomb Factory Massive Pack
 UAD Octo Thunderbolt Eventide Factory
 Izotope RX5
 Many Many More
Blue Bottle w/ B0 & B1 Capsule Heil PR30
Blue Woodpecker Ribbon Heil PR20 x 2
Wunder CM7 Fet ElectroVoice RE-20
Neumann KM184 matched pair Beyer 160 Ribbon x2
Neumann U47 Tube Mic Beyer 260 Ribbon x2
Neumann U87 x3 Coles 4038 matched pair
Neumann TLM103 Sennheiser 421 x 5
Royer 122 Ribbon x 2 Shure Beta 91 x2
Audix D6 Shure SM81
Shure 520dx Shure SM57 x 8
AKG 451 x 3 Shure SM58 x 6
AKG c414 x2 Shure SM7
AKG C3000 Placid Audio Resonator A
Placid Audio Copperphone Placid Audio Resonator B



Vintage Steinway Grand Piano


Korg Kronos 88 Key
Yamaha Motif ES8
Yamaha DX7
Alesis Andromeda
Kurzweil K2500
Roldan JV5080
Access Virus A and B


Ludwig Super Classic
10,12,13,16,18 inch toms + 20 & 22 inch kick
DW Custom Maple
8,10,12,14,16 inch toms + 20 inch kick

Assorted Snares and Cymbals


Bogner Shiva Aniversary w/ custom cab
Bogner Twin-Jet w/ custom cab
Custom Carr Mercury
GK-1001RB Bass Head
SWR Goliath Cab
Avid Eleven Rack
Assorted fx pedals

Featured Guitars

PRS Custom Shop Brazilian McCarty
PRS Custom 22
Fender Strat Deluxe
Gibson Lucille
1973 Fender Strat
1962 Gretsch Country Gentleman
Gibson Acoustic Song Writer Plus
Taylor Acoustic